The memorial represents much of what is good in humanity in the face of supreme tragedy: The stairwell and all that went on it; The selfless dedication of the firefighters, policemen, and many others who made the ultimate sacrifice to save others irrespective of race, religion, color or creed; The caring attitude of all of the people helping each other as they fled. This is what the memorial must be.

The Memorial will be three flights of the stairwell, cast in bronze, full size. The third level will slowly dissolve as it rises, with the gate to heaven waiting at the top (manned by Rev. Mychal Judge and a pilot).

Back dropped by a remaining section of the towers, it will rise above the reflecting pool.

Click here to view a special poem written by my special friends L.A. Semple and Mirry Richards

           Memorial Detail
              Memorial Perspective
              Memorial Perspective
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