The three buildings were to border the site, north to east. Light blue glass in the northwest quadrant and clear mirrored glass for the rest, they would face out to the water for all to see. Each building was to be 76 stories tall (creating greater space than the original towers) with sky bridges, as shown. Three sky bridges to the north and seven to the south. The sky bridges would be trimmed in red granite.

The second level of all three buildings would be a museum dedicated to the hope and goodness that blossomed from the tragedy.

The overall effect of the color scheme would be to create a subtle American flag. The parabolic nature, and orientation, of the buildings would such as to cast greater light on the memorial. As the sun set on 9/11, the greatest light would be cast on the Memorial because of the orientation chosen.

              The Building
              The Entrance
              The Walkway
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